SNDA Regional Coordinator Application (Due September 1st)


Thank you for your interest in becoming an SNDA Regional Coordinator. Please fill out the application below to be considered by September 1st. For more information about the regions, please click here.

Appointed Regional Coordinators will be notified no later than September 10th.
If you have any questions, please email our Director of Regional Communications.

Please read the following information taken directly out of the July 2023 Constitution.

Section 4. Regional Coordinators

Appointment: Each of the regional coordinators shall be selected by the Regions Sub Committee of the National Executive Board chaired by the Director of Regional Communications. All Regional Coordinator’s will work under the direction of the Director of Regional Communications.


  1. Point Calculation: Accurately calculate points earned by assigned local SNDA chapters based on their campus and community engagement participation. This includes activities such as community service events, dental health awareness campaigns, chapter meetings, fundraising efforts, and other relevant initiatives outlined in SNDA’s Chapter manual.
  2. Point Tracking: Collecting Standards Program Evaluation forms and maintain organized records of points earned by chapters throughout each semester and the academic year. Regularly update and monitor chapter point spreadsheets.
  3. Liaison Duties: Serve as a point of contact between the Director of Regional Communications and chapter presidents regarding chapter’s point allocation and status. Facilitate effective communication, disseminate important information, and relay feedback or concerns to the Director of Regional Communications.
  4. Chapter Support: Provide guidance and support to chapter presidents in understanding the point system, promoting engagement, and maximizing their chapter’s potential. Share best practices, offer suggestions for improvement, and assist with troubleshooting challenges as needed.
  5. Reporting: Attend meetings with the Director of Regional Communications and reports on chapter engagement, points earned, and overall progress of assigned local chapters to the Director of Regional Communications.

Term of Office: The Regional Coordinator shall serve for a period of one (1) year or until his or her successor is installed.

Vacancy: The Regional Coordinators shall be replaced by an SNDA member from the region in which the vacancy occurred.