Undergraduate Student National Dental Association (USNDA)

USNDA Overview

The primary mission of the Student National Dental Association (SNDA) is the advancement and retention of minority students within the field of dentistry. Providing support to undergraduate and pre-dental students is one of the ways we are able to increase diversity within our career field. To accomplish this goal, SNDA chapters should reach out to candidates for dental school at the undergraduate level. As USNDA members, students will receive guidance and exposure to dentistry, as opposed to general information provided through organizations designed to encompass several areas of health care and professions. The Member-At-Large is to serves as a liaison between SNDA and USNDA chapters and members.

USNDA Objectives

One of the major objectives for establishing the USNDA is to increase the interaction amongst undergraduate and dental students. To facilitate our goal, SNDA chapters at dental schools will:

  • Plan one day in the Fall semester for all undergraduate affiliates to participate in the Impressions Day Program. This event may be held in conjunction with other organizations, such as ASDA, HSDA, AAWD, etc.
  • Plan one day in the Spring semester for all USNDA members to participate in the First Impressions Programs
  • Sponsor an USNDA to attend National Conference. Attendance provides USNDA members an opportunity to meet practicing dentists, faculty from dental schools, dental students, and other USNDA members from across the country. USNDA members have an opportunity to present research at the NDA National Conference
  • Provide with information regarding other pre-dental events, scholarships, and an overall support system from members of the SNDA family.
  • Assist USNDA members in finding a place to stay and in giving insight about the school’s interview process
  • Records will also be kept of those members accepted into various dental schools